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I am a certified coach, trainer and People (HR) professional who is here to help you start making changes in your life and help you reach your goals. I believe in continuous development throughout life, being authentic to ourselves and creating a life that helps to make the world a better and more beautiful place. There is a space for us all to share and grow.


My mission is to help others to unravel who they really are. I will help you to find who you really are on the inside and what is important to you. To unwrap your authentic dreams and hopes. 

I believe in building a life based on what we truly desire, building a life that we want but never allow ourselves to have. A life that helps us achieve our deepest dreams. Always starting from within and then figuring out the ways to get there. Unravelling what has been stopping us so far, what has been holding back and working through it.


I will hold space for you, help figure out the next steps and gently keep you accountable.


"Working with Jana helped me realise my strengths. Sometimes I can be a bit blind to them so it's a good boost of confidence to be able to recognise them and celebrate them."

Sam Stoddart

"Jana has helped me to act independently with my work not having to rely on others for help or guidance but to think for myself and solve problems in my own way. She helped me to build confidence."

Paula Mason

"Jana is very friendly, approachable and supportive and easy to come to with a problem I could not see a simple fix for. She believed in me and I think that was key to getting the best out of me. Great coaching skills. Jana helped me to get on top of my mindfulness through coaching and training."

Shaun Kennedy

"Jana made me a little more relaxed and definitely build my self-esteem in public speaking. Jana is very clear with what she means and has an ability to explain things which is just fascinating. I really enjoyed her logical mind. Wonderful mentor."

Justine Kliukaite

"Jana's has had a truly positive effect on my career journey and has been instrumental in advising my career progression. At a point where my confidence in my job role was at a low, she coached me out of it and now I'm more invested in my job than ever. As a result of Jana's example and coaching, I have grown as a person and in my career."

Dan McNicholas

More about what I do


I offer three types of sessions:

  • One-off session - quick support and guidance to gain clarity and help you to move forward

  • Three months - support and guidance for 3 months to help achieve your goal. 

  • Six months - Support and guidance over a period of 6 months to help you change your life, whatever that looks like for you. 


Cycles of Life podcast is about our ever-changing life because it is never just a simple straight line, it doesn't always have predictable patterns and turns. Everything around us is a collection of repeating and evolving cycles.


This podcast attempts to explore the nuance of life. In this podcast, I will be sharing personal thoughts and stories based on my self-exploration, but also inspired by my work as a life coach.

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