My story

My name is Jana and I am a trainer, a mindfulness coach and L&D specialist.

I truly believe that we all can change things in our life by shifting the focus, taking accountability and starting to make changes. I try to live my life more aligned with my values, nature and cycles.

I have started in the hospitality industry well over 10 years ago in the outskirts of Dundee as a waitress in a chain restaurant. Over the years I made my way up to working as a manager in pubs in central London.


5 years ago I moved to the corporate HR team in one of the leading hospitality companies in the UK. Since then I have qualified as a trainer and a coach.


Aside from coaching, I am delivering training workshops, mainly around self-development, effective leadership, time management and personal growth.

Recently I have produced and hosted a podcast about inspirational career stories in my organisation. I also run a lifestyle blog where I share photographs and stories from my life and travels. As a side project, I sell my knitted creations and my art in an Etsy shop.

My beliefs

I believe that we all can achieve so much more than what we are being told. That success looks very different for every single one of us.


Through coaching, I am helping people to bring valuable change to their life. Empowering to follow the dreams and live the life that you are craving rather than what society has told you to aspire.

I believe in continual growth, being mindful about choices that we make, how we spend our time and energy.


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