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Jana is smiling and looking into the camera. The hair is down and she looks relaxed and happy.

Work with me

Have you reached a point in your life when things just don't feel right? You might feel like you have been heading in the wrong direction for a while.


Maybe achievements that used to bring you joy, no longer do that. Maybe you are going through continuous cycles of burnouts not knowing how to get out of them.


Or maybe you have an idea or a project that you want to nurture and grow, but not sure how.

Let’s work together

I know that we all can achieve so much more than what we are being told. That success looks very different for every single one of us. I believe in continual growth, being mindful about choices that we make, how we spend our time and energy.

My aim is to help you to recalibrate your direction in life. To help you to break cycles of burnout, bring joy back into your life and open yourself up to new opportunities. To empower you to follow your dreams and start believing in yourself, whilst breaking beliefs that are holding you back. I will be the person who encourages you and helps you to figure out what direction feels right. You can create the life that you crave!

Ready for change? Book a complimentary call below. This call will give you a chance to ask questions and discover how coaching can help you to transform your life. We will talk about your current situation, dreams and goals for the future. I will then talk you through what coaching involves (and doesn't). Together we will outline your ideal programme and discuss ways of working together in the future.

Alternatively, if you have any questions, you can DM me on Instagram @janapuisa or email

Coaching offers

  • Support and guidance to gain clarity and help you to move forward

    75 British pounds
  • Support and guidance for 3 months to help achieve your goal.

    300 British pounds
  • Support and guidance to help you change your life.

    550 British pounds
a breakdown of the coaching journey - goals, reality, values, break it down, blocks, achieve
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