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24 hours in Brussels 

Currently sitting on a very comfortable Eurostar train on our way to spend just over 24 hours in Brussels.

We set alarm for 5am and only 13min later we were jumping on a bus which took us straight to St Pancras station.

Every time I travel by Eurostar it amazes me how easy and comfortable it is compare to flying. And cafe Nero in the departure lounge is pretty good (coffee and a cheese toastie is an ultimate breakfast treat at 6am).

But, yes we are on our way to Belgium. It was a very last minute decision and mainly happened, because of a travel bug I get (probably too often), I just get this sudden urge to go somewhere new. And I do remember experiencing it when I was a teenager, all I could afford to do at that age, was to a get a 3 hour bus to Ventspils where my grandmother lived. But it was enough to keep the travel bug happy for a bit. Things obviously have changed quite a bit since then and it’s great!

I am back from Brussels now and I was genuinely blown away how beautiful Brussels was! I wasn’t expecting anything really, but somehow every single expectation was exceeded.

Brussels is stunning, lively, old and new at the same time. We ate a lot, drunk a lot and walked a lot.

Later in the day we went back to our Airbnb and for a little nap, which was needed after walking for miles at that point already. And to be honest all we did afterwords was a massive pub crawl! Which was brilliant!

I will definitely write about some of my favourite places in Brussels. So stay tuned!

Sunday was spent aimlessly walking around and trying to walk off the hangover…and a few trips to McDonald’s. I know, I am almost embarrassed but our flying trip to Brussels was amazing and all that is a big part of it!

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