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Apps that help to create change in life

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

In the last few years, I have changed my approach to 'productivity' and being 'busy'. Way too often I used to tie my self-worth with being productive and working hard. What a pile of nonsense. What I have realised is that I don't become 'a bad' person just because I didn't work 8 hours every day Monday to Friday. Actually the more I think about it, the more I feel that it is a strange concept that humans literally made up. It is the ridiculous postindustrial hiccup that we cannot shake off. We started talking about being productive and aligning human worth to being busy - literally when we started comparing ourselves to machines to justify our existence. Insane, isn't it?


Forest - such a beautiful app. It is based on the Pomodoro method, where you work for a certain time and then rest for a bit. But this app allows growing trees and plants while staying concentrated. I find it very useful if I need to do something relatively boring (like writing assignments), I just tell myself that I only need to work on this task for an hour or two. Always surprises me how much stuff can be done in a few hours.urs.


Habits - a very simple and pretty way of tracking habits. Currently, I am tracking meditation, exercising, creating and journaling. There is research behind tracking our habits and having a visual representation of what we have achieved. I don't panic if I miss a day or two - perfectionism is another topic I could talk about forever.


Notion - I like lists and organising things. It is a nicer version of Microsoft Notes if you have ever used it. I have an app on my phone and on my MacBook. I like that I can create pages, edit icons and add pictures. I use it for keeping my post ideas, writing and also studying. All my Life Coaching stuff lives in Notion. there are few great Youtube videos that show how to best us it.


Here you can see snippets from my apps and what I am currently working on.

Are there any other apps you find useful?


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