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Best laptop friendly cafes in Central London – places to work (that is not Starbucks)

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

I quickly learned that I always need a to-do list, otherwise nothing gets done.

I’ve also learned that I work really well in little pockets of time. I can easily concentrate on something for 2-3 hours without any distractions and most of the time that is enough to tick a task of my list. If a task is interesting enough I can sometimes do it from home but everything there is distracting me, and I end up falling down the rabbit hole of procrastination.

All that leads to what this post is actually about – my favourite laptop-friendly cafes in central London. By laptop friendly, I mean that people won’t stare at you if you sit there for longer than 2 hours and there is an abundance of plugs. Simple things.

This might even be turned into a series. We shall see! For now let me show you my two favourite recent discoveries.


The amspohere is great! And plugs are literally everywhere. I did spend an hour looking for one around me and getting annoyed that all plugs were taken, only to discover lots of them under my table….ooops

I haven’t been there during weekend, but on a Tuesday afternoon it was filled with young professionals and their laptops. I would recommend arriving before midday so you can get a table easier otherwise you might have to wait.

My coffee and sandwich were brilliant and so was the service. Definitely would go back!

British Library NW1 2DB

Head through the main entrance and up the stairs, both cafes are located at the back. The Terrace Reastaurat offers great selection of salads and cakes; and the King’s Library Cafe has lots of great drinks and snacks.

Both have good atmosphere and filled with people on their laptops.

Just be aware that during peak times, you might have to wait in the queue to get in to the actual Library and security searches every bag.

Really hope you enjoyed this and please let me know what your favourite cafes are.


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