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Brussels – My Top 5 Favourite Things

I have visited Brussels for the first time a few weeks ago and was absolutely blown away how stunning it is! We spent there just over 24 hours but it was a total wind-whirl. I have written a post about our trip last week but now I want to mention some of my absolute highlights from this trip.

Brussels Cobbled Streets

Cobbled streets

Being a huge fan of medieval history, I absolutely loved all the pretty streets in Brussels – however, comfortable footwear or trainers are the must! One thing that I do regret is not being able to spend a bit more time learning about history of Brussels, so if you have any good resources – ping them my way!

Brussels Streets

Belgium beer

In ‘real life’ I am a trainer in hospitality industry, so I literally teach how to sell different types of beer,  so you can imagine how excited I was to drink as much Belgium beer as I could! We definitely did well in trying as many different types as possible in one night.

A lot of touristy places offer all sorts of ‘beer flights’ where you can get 4-6 different types in smaller glasses (in all honesty, I was a bit dubious about the quality of a beer in a very touristy place we visited just off the main square – it did taste a bit watered down, BUT it was part of the fun and we really enjoyed the experience anyway)!


We ended up having a proper bar crawl in the end – I’ve attempted to count them and I believe we have visited at least 7 different bars…I know, a headache the next day was pretty bad but  everywhere we went the atmosphere was brilliant and it ended up being one of the best nights out I had in a very long time. My absolute favourites were the restaurant at the top of MIM (arguably the best views of Brussels), Le Belgica (if you are ever there, ask for a submarine…a beer with frozen gin in it – lethal) and Le Roi des Belges – where we had amazing cocktails.

Food scene

I don’t think it is possible to visit Brussels and not have chips (French fries) and waffles. I have seen people mentioning all sorts of famous places where they serve THE best fries however I am a vegetarian and they cook them in animal fat, so we didn’t bother going to there and had some fries from random street venders and they were brilliant anyway.

However the best food memory from Brussels, was the street food festival just outside Brussels Park. They had every street food imaginable there – we had to have some bubble waffles, highly recommend!

Designer shops

There are so many of them! I don’t think I’ve ever thought of that, but people in Belgium are very stylish so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they have lots of beautifully curated shops – I didn’t buy anything in the end (had to walk away from some stunning cactuses – luckily I’ve realised how silly it would be to carry one around the entire day…)


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