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How I read 100 books in a year

I have always been a proper bookworm. I still remember when I was a kid and we got taken on a tour to the town's children library. I must have been 8 or 9 years old. And since then, every summer I spent going back to the library for more books.

Once I even made a little nest out pillows and camping equipment and it was my reading spot for months. Even when I was teenager, as an act of rebellion I used to read Russian books in Latvian school while sitting at the front desk. My math teacher let me get away with it because I was normally finished with the equations and exercises early anyway. Yes, I was a geek and went to a math grammar school. A rebellions geek I must say, I was almost kicked out out of school when I was 17. But that's another story.

My point is that I have always read. Once I moved to the UK, it took me a year to get comfortable enough to read in English and I honestly think that is why I get mistaken for a local sometimes. Reading is how I understand the world. If there is a question or an issue that I want to know more about, my first instinct is to try and find a book about it.

Why do you want to read more

That's why when people say that they want to read more, my question is - why? What do you want to gain by reading more? Is it because your favourite influencer is reading all the time? Or is because you actually enjoy it? I think there is not point to berate yourself for not reading, if you learn in a different way, like listening - podcasts, audio books; or by talking things through with someone else.

If you really want to start reading more, first, understand why do you need it, what reading more will bring into your life. Because it is much harder to make reading a habit if you don't like it and you don't gain anything from it.

My tops tips how to read more

  • Make reading a priority - why is it important to you. For me it is how I learn about the world, decompress and rest.

  • Read different books at the same time - normally I read at least 5 (sometimes even 9) different books at the same time. I like to switch depending on my mood. Also let's be honest, some books are boring and I can only take one chapter at the time.

  • Track read books - I have been using Goodreads for the last 4 years and i love it.

  • Set a reading goal - again, I use Goodreads for that. Last year I read 100 books, but it was hard. At the end it became a chore so this year I am aiming for 75.

  • Turn reading into a ritual - I always read for at least an hour before bed. It is part of my routine now.


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