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How to work with self-doubt

Updated: May 4, 2021

Everyone doubts themselves. It is one of the most natural processes in our life. Anytime we start something new, there is a level of self-doubt and it is important. Self-doubt is there to protect us from bad things happening, our brain is stopping us from acting because we might get hurt. And that's the key. It is a basic and very primal self-preservation mechanism that has kept us alive for millennia.

But the truth is, anytime we do something new, it will be scary. It is so normal. How scared we feel will depend on our past experiences and what kind of person we are. But we all experience fear that sometimes manifest itself as a self-doubt. The key is to recognise this, while being kind to ourselves, dig a bit deeper and decide what can we do to move forward.

Working with self-doubt is important so we can move from it. It can have a strong grip on us, not letting us move forward with our goals and vision in life. Don't trust people who promise to teach you how to ditch the self-doubt forever. It is wired into who we are as humans. But we can definitely work with it and learn how to unravel layers of it so we can live a more fulfilled life.

I invite you to answer these questions, they will help you to unravel your self-doubt, to see what is hiding behind it and more importantly what you can achieve if you work through it. As an extra bonus, I have created a few screensavers that you can download and use on your phone as a reminder that you can always create change in your life.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How does self-doubt look like in my life?

  • In what ways I live a life I don’t love because I’m worried what people will think?

  • What would I do with my free time if I didn't have to work?

  • Do I find distractions in relationships, drama and pointless activities as a way to distract myself from myself?

  • What is the worst things that can happen?

self-doubt worksheet
Download PDF • 127KB


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