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Things to do in Arisaig, Scottish Highlands

At the beginning of November I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Scottish highlands. We did a few walks and spent an afternoon wondering around Arisaig.

Sometimes I desperately need to be out in nature. Don’t take me wrong, I love London and it is nice to be coming back, but occasionally I get this incredibly strong urge to be outside.

I love the sea but I would always choose moody autumnal sea rather then the one on a hot and sunny summers day. I love mountains, I like being high and being able to see for miles and miles ahead. And my favourite colour has always been green, since I was a small child.

So it came as no surprise when our trip to Iceland ended up being an absolute dream come true but it also made me realise how grateful I am to be living in a country where there are mountains and sea. I lived in Scotland for 6 years a few years ago now, but I happily take any opportunity I get to go back! Even if that means to travel for 12 hours one way, just to be able to spend 60 hours there.

This time we travelled all way to Arisaig, this was my 2nd time there but we have managed to squeeze a few things while being there.

My highlights from visiting Arisaig

Baywater pub

The only pub in the village and it is lovely. They have a great selection of whiskies, a lovely fire place, occasionally there is a band playing too. Baywater pub has a hotel next door which I can imagine would be a great place to stay considering the views and atmosphere are brilliant.

Cafe Rhu

Lovely cafe which serves sandwiches, main meals and cakes during lunch and turns into a bit of a restaurant at night. We didn’t eat there this time, but we got lunch there a few years ago and it was great. Great baked potato!

Arisaig Marine and pier

I love boats, there isn’t a great reason why, they just fascinate me. So I am always intrigued by marinas and piers and the one in Arisaig is lovely. You can walk all way down to the water and the views from there are great.

Larachmhor garden

Definitely a bit of a hidden gem, as the gardens are a 15min walk from Arisaig and are hiding on the side of the road, but definitely worth a visit.

The gardens originated as an orchard and kitchen gardens in the 19th century but in 1927 wealthy Glaswegian John Augustus Holmes used the land to cultivate his impressive collection of exotic plants especially Rhododendrons. I believe now gardens are looked after by students from Scottish universities. I was there in the beginning of November and there was an explosion of colour – photos probably speak for themselves.

Camusdarach Beach

There are quite few beaches close to Arisaig and all are pretty amazing. This time we went to Camusdarach Beach, which has some stunning views on neighboring islands of Eigg and Rum; and became famous after being featured in a movie Local Hero.

It is always fantastic to go back to Scotland, and every visit leaves, plotting a plan on how can I go back.

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