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Visiting the Geffrye Museum in London and Christmas Past – Connecting the London Dots

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

One of my absolute favourite museums in London is a bit of a hidden gem, it is the Geffrye Museum. Museum dedicated to living rooms of London through the last four centuries. Walking around it, you get a feeling that you are peeking through a peephole. I have been there before a few hours back, but this year I’ve found out that they are actually decorating the rooms for Christmas, so the last Saturday we ventured East to soak up some of that Christmas spirit.

The period rooms go from as far back as 1600 to the present day, where you can see and read how people lived and used the space, and I think it is fascinating to learn how much it has changed in the last centuries.

The Geffrye Museum is going through a lot of changes next year, so they will closing in January so i strongly recommend popping in if you have a few free hours. Especially that museum itself is completely FREE.

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