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Free resources

SPRING - free workbook

This workbook will help you to reconnect with yourself, figure out what is truly important, define your values and set goals that you will actually achieve. You will be able to make space for new beginnings, by clearing the mind and heart to allow space for inspiration. This workbook is great for turning your ideas into achievable goals and next steps. 



Over five years worth of posts about personal development, growth, practical advice on improving your life. But also travel and personal posts, if you would like some inspiration and get to know me a bit better. 



Cycles of Life podcast is about our ever-changing life because it is never just a simple straight line, it doesn't always have predictable patterns and turns. In this podcast, I am sharing personal thoughts, stories and interviews based on my self-exploration and inspired by my work as a life coach.


Guided meditations

Meditation is an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world and spend a few moments alone with yourself. These free guided meditations will help to feel calmer and happier. 

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