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Jana is leaning on a pillar with her hair down and softly smiling into the camera

Hey there

My name is Jana Puisa. I am a certified coach, trainer, meditation teacher and People (HR) professional who is here to help you start making changes in your life and help you reach your goals. I believe in continuous development throughout life, being authentic to ourselves and creating a life that helps to make the world a better and more beautiful place. There is a space for us all to share and grow.

My story

I moved to Scotland from Latvia to study Politics 15 years ago. Shortly I managed to get my first job as a waitress. My life looked great from the outside, but deep down I had a lot of unprocessed trauma that I was trying to run away from. This led me to drop out of university - I simply couldn’t handle the pressure of very high expectations that I carried with me.

So, I decided to change my direction and focus on building a career in hospitality. At some point, I even ran pubs in central London. Six years ago, I moved to the HR team in one of the leading hospitality companies in the UK. Since then, I have qualified as a coach, a trainer and a meditation teacher. Aside from coaching, now I deliver training workshops about self-development, effective leadership, time management and personal growth.

I have been through my fair share of hardship on the way, which has helped me to unpack and rebuilt a more authentic self. Every time I went through moving countries, disappointments or grief; I learned more about myself. These experiences have taught me many life lessons and I use this knowledge to help others to move forward.

Recently I have launched a very successful podcast called Cycles of Life where I share my personal thoughts and stories based on my self-exploration but also inspired by my work as a life coach, but also interviews with inspiring people. If you would like to stay in touch and receive regular updates and occasional freebies, just subscribe to the monthly newsletter

If you have any questions, you can DM me on Instagram @janapuisa or email

An open notebook on the table with a mug, crystal and pens surrounding it


Meditation Teacher The Meditation Centre 2021


TAP L&D Diploma (Training delivery) 2017 - 2021


CIPD Level 5 with Diploma/HR specialist 2020 - 2021


Coaching for Performance TAP Training 2019

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