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Energy levels – insight

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

My latest insight – how non-linear my energy levels are. The last two months have highlighted something that I knew somewhere on the back of my mind but was too scared to fully admit. Energy is not as simple as something in and then something out. There are so many factors that I don’t understand but I know that I need to trust myself more. My body knows what it needs more than my brain.

London in April

Camden – Regent’s Canal, April 2020

The need to always be busy is so ingrained in me, that I miss the cues to rest, or think I am just being lazy. Actually, sometimes I need to have an easy day when not much is happening, because the next day I can get so much stuff done. Trust in my myself is something I am learning now. But also not pushing too much, if I am feeling productive, being able to stop. I do find it fascinating how our entire lives are designed to not to listen to our bodies. Instead we are trying to squeeze ourselves in some weird frames that we made up.

The last two months have been such an eye-opening experience to listen and learn. To fully slow down and let go of all expectations, that normally shape my life.

London in April

London in April


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