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The year 2020

What a year it has been?! I know for some it was one of the worst years, but I actually quite enjoyed it. I achieved a lot and I grew a lot. Lots of people are focusing on how hard this year has been, but we also had such an incredible opportunity to grow, to change and make things better. To truly look inside.

I don’t necessarily do resolutions but I like to write a letter about what I want my next year to be like. And surprisingly lots of things that I wrote about last year, I have achieved. Some stuff I couldn’t predict (apart from the obvious one), that I would finally go to therapy, hire a life coach, buy a paddleboard and read lots of books. But I wanted to become a British citizen, to buy our first home and to climb a few hills (all things happened). I am pretty lucky that I could afford all of those things. But I also worked for them. I set myself goals and worked towards them. Strangely this might be my best year yet.

I don’t urge you to set resolutions or goals for the next year (if that is not your thing) but I would urge you to reflect on things that you are most proud of. What good things happened? How much have you grown as a person? And what would you like yourself to be like next year? How do you want to feel?

So often we are told that it is not ‘nice’ to talk about our achievements, why? Why do we need to minimise ourselves? To make others feel better? That doesn’t sit right with me. I think it is so important to check-in and appreciate how far we have come. It will look different for everyone and that’s great. That’s the beauty of it!

Some of my favourite moments in 2020✨ We started 2020 on magical Skye. We watched movies, I read books and cooked food. Later in January I even managed a trip to Amsterdam before everything kicked off. But then it was all about empty London, delicious cooking, lots of books, walks and swimming. The biggest highlight from summer was our trip to Scotland. We climbed another Munro and bought paddleboards. And in October we finally got keys to our first home. What a year!

I wish you a wonderful 2021!


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