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West Highland Way (in 6 days) – Day 6. Kinlochleven to Fort William 24km/16miles

Kind of hard to believe that we actually got almost to the end. On one hand I really wanted to finish this but on the other I knew, I will miss it. It is a complete bubble we were during the whole trip. And of course, there were horrific things I was going through in my life so it was good to be distracted for 6 days but I knew it will hit me when I’m done with the way.

Anyway, our last day started in Kinlochleven and after breakfast we were off on to our last leg. The Way climbs up the hill for the first 40min or so. Not as as intense is the Devil’s staircase but still pretty hard. After that we walked through a valley for a good few hours. That was the first time when it got cold and rainy. It looked like we were walking through the clouds. It did hale for a bit as well. Also it was quite weird to be starting the day with soooo many other people. This leg is always the last one for everyone, doesn’t matter how many days anyone takes as there is nowhere to stay between Kinlochleven and Fort William (unless you are camping of course). So it was really busy when we started but after a few hours we managed to overtake slow movers and even caught up with some of our friends. At this point we even had to get our waterproofs out. We had lunch sitting on some wooden planks, prepping the stone wall and hiding from the rain but the rain stopped pretty quickly. 

Then the Way climbs through hills, until we could see the mighty Ben Nevis. It was pretty windy but still sunny. There are a few smaller climbs before reaching a bit of woodland and then it is all down the hill. We could actually see Fort William an hour before we got there. The last hour we basically spent talking about how insane it is that we are almost finished. Without any training. Bad and also irresponsible. But the previous two months were an actual hell for both of us.

The last half an hour, the markings took us on a bit of a round way through scenic hill above Fort William. Not sure if we made a mistake or what but after walking down another hill we were in Fort William. It took about 15min to reach the high street and Calum’s dad was waiting here for us with some tins of g&t’s…never been so grateful for a drink. 

We of course wanted to take a photo with a Statue of Sore Feet but funnily enough there were some tourists taking photo for ages with it without realising what it actually means, so we ended up standing next to them staring angrily until they moved and we could take our well deserved photo. 

The end. 


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