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24 hours in Reykjavik – city guide

Our final day in Iceland we decided to spend in Reykjavik. When we left our camper van behind (it got picked up at 6pm on the 27th of June) which actually was surprisingly emotional…we had spent last 8 days in it by this point, we had an evening and a full day ahead of us to explore the capital of Iceland.

After having THE BEST shower ever (I am not even exaggerating, after staying in a camper van for the last week, showers had became a treat) in our lovely airbnb, we decided to have a little stroll around town. Almost 7 months have past since then, but i still remember the taste of the very first beer in Reykjavik. I have done a very little research and starred a few places on google maps but all bars were great and i would strongly recommend any of them.

Kaldi BarKaffibarinnMicro Bar – some of our favourites. My biggest tip would be – research the happy hour!! You’ll end up saving a lot of money.

We even saw some Scottish beer in one of them! So after having a very mini pub crowl, we decided that sleeping in an actual bed sounds too good, so an early night it was!

Our full day in Reykjavik we decided to start with a free walking tour – again, it was brilliant and I strongly recommend it! It was a great introduction to the history and current political situation in Iceland, plus our guide had a great sense of humour. After the tour we could even sign up to a free email with tons of tips from local people.

Our second stop that day was the iconic church – Hallgrímskirkja. I don’t want to sound spoiled, but we weren’t incredibly impressed with it…hear me out! It is a beautiful building, inside is really cool but the top bit is a little bit disappointing. Views are great, I just think it could be much better if someone would invest in it. But it is definitely worth a visit, I am just being very picky.

We visited Reykjavík 871±2 Museum, where you can learn about first recorded settlements in Reykjavik – I thought it was brilliant and very informative. The rest of our day we spent by walking around, eating, drinking and buying souvenirs. I got a great mug and a hat from these guys. Still my favourite mug! We also walked to the Harpa music hall – very impressive and cool building.

We had some lunch at a little noodle place, really fancied some pho for some reason…Again, I am a vegetarian so we didn’t go to any of local restaurants, because they mainly serve seafood. We did however, had a hot dog from the most famous hot dog stand in the world. Can you spot what I had as a veggie option?

Because we had a morning flight back to London the next day, we decided to have an early night. But Reykjavik is wonderful – small enough to be able to walk around but big enough to have lots of things to do. If we had more time, we probably would have visited one of many public swimming pools – maybe next time.

Have you seen the rest of our Icelandic adventure?

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