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A day trip to Arundel, West Sussex

Last weekend I had to go all way down to Bognor Regis for work but this time Calum actually traveled with me so he ended up having a full Saturday to go exploring while I was working. When he met me after work he insisted that we go to Arundel where he spent the majority of his day. I genuinely had no idea what to expect but it turned out be pretty much a little fairytale town! There is a castle, a river, cobbled streets and plenty of fairy lights, basically all of my favourite things. Because it was already dark when we got there, I haven’t taken any pictures and to be honest it was so nice just to enjoy everything rather than trying to document things. We strolled around for about 20 min while looking for somewhere to have dinner.

I loved Arundel that much that I came back a few days later when I had a free morning. It was raining the entire time but that didn’t stop me from walking up to the castle and taking way too many photos as always. The town is truly charming and has tons of beautiful shops and cafes. I’ve also managed to squeeze a quick stop to enjoy a cup of peppermint tea before it was time to head back.

Here is my little guide to things to do in Arundel.

To eat

We had a fantastic pub dinner in the Swan Hotel but all pubs and restaurants looked absolutely amazing.

Pappardelle on my second day but because I had a very hearty breakfast earlier I’ve ended up getting a cup of tea but cakes looked amazing in there. If you can, grab a seat next to the window and enjoy watching the world go by.

To do

The main thing to do in Arundel is definitely to wander around and admire little streets, beautiful buildings and stunning shop windows. There are many antique and vintage shops, not necessarily my cup of tea but I loved looking at shop windows.

To visit

Sadly when I was there the Arundel castle was closed as it is only open during summer time. But I did visit the Cathedral which you can see when driving up to Arundel. The entry is free and it is stunning.

There is also a museum but I didn’t have time to visit it this time.

A little extra

If you are driving to Arundel I can definitely recommend visiting the Edgcumbes roasters which is about 10min drive from Arundel. Calum discovered this place and insisted that I visit it too. If you like great coffee then it is worth a visit. Also great for getting presents for loved ones.

I’ve been absolutely blown away by how picture perfect Arundel is. So if you are in the area – do pop in to spend a wonderful afternoon in a little fairytale.

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