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A walk in Riga Old Town – Europe’s hidden gem

Some of you might know that I grew up in Latvia, a little North European Country on the coast of the Baltic sea. I love where I am from! I have lived in UK for the last 11 years now but it is always amazing to be going back.

I had a very quick trip to Riga for the New Years Celebrations, in total we spent 3 days there but again, too many photos were taken so I thought I’ll put together a little post to show you my hometown.

Strolling around Old Town is always on my to do list, every time I visit, I make sure I spend some time walking around and admiring medieval town – Riga is over 800 years old so you definitely get a feeling of stepping back in time.

Also food is phenomenal! If you ever visit Latvia, you have to go to Lido – a chain of restaurants which serve rustic cuisine, very affordable but so so delicious.

Have you been to Riga before?

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