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Beautiful Cornwall in spring – our three day trip

It does feel like a long time ago, almost previous life that we went to Cornwall. But it was in April which is only 4 months ago. We booked the trip to celebrate Calum’s birthday, I think I’ve given him my thing of not being able to celebrate my birthdays at home.

Cornwall - road trip (Too Many Plants Blog)

I never had a proper kids birthday party. Every year, on June 23rd, my family went camping. I was lucky enough to be born on a midsummer’s night in Latvia and people really love to celebrate it by being outside. So every year we went camping with my parents and their friends. Lots of them. My parents were part of soviet young tourist community who spent their 20s exploring USSR. Can’t event explain how jealous that makes me. Oh well. I get to travel Europe now. Anyway long story short, I never got a proper birthday cake and spent my birthday swimming in cold water and running around forest. Which I have finally grown to love and appreciate. And somehow over the years I’ve realised that I cannot spend my birthdays at home now. I have to be away. And it baffles me when people are not bothered about their birthdays.

That’s how we ended up in Cornwall for Calum’s birthday. It was great!

Cornwall - road trip (Too Many Plants Blog)
Cornwall - road trip (Too Many Plants Blog)

We started our journey in Exeter, were we stayed for a night. On the first day the weather was incredibly bad, but we really didn’t care. We wandered around Exeter for an hour and after having some very needed hot tea, we started our Cornish trip.

I will write a more detailed post about our trip but for now here is a little movie I’ve put together. All filmed and edited on my phone, in case you are wondering.

Pin it for later:

Cornwall - road trip (Too Many Plants Blog)


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