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Climbing Ben A’an in Scotland on a snowy day

The very first post this year I would like to dedicate to yet another Scottish gem – Ben A’an. Every time we go to Scotland, we try to go for a nice walk or climb something, this time we decided to venture outside on the Boxing day to climb Ben A’an.

I actually found the hike in Wild Guide Scotland which I got for Christmas. It is a relatively easy hike which takes under 2 hours for a return trip. However we got so incredibly lucky with the weather, that I thought that this climb deserves a post of its own, simply so I can share some of the pictures from that day.

We set off pretty early at 9am (well it was a day after Christmas after all), the drive takes about an hour from Glasgow but it snowed (if you live in UK, you can understand our excitement) so the drive was truly magical and we took our time driving through mountains. There is a very handy car park near Loch Achray, our car was the very first one there that morning and it was pretty much full when we were leaving, so it totally payed off to wake up before 8am the day after Christmas.

The hike itself is a very steady climb, not going to lie, we did struggle at times post Christmas dinner, but it gave an excuse to stop for photos. The path is brilliant, pretty sure it has been relaid quite recently too. Ben A’an is small hill at 454m high but the views from the top are absolutely spectacular all due to its brilliant location.

We were the first people at the top that day which was phenomenal as we got to take photos with white snow everywhere. On our way down we met soooo many families which yet again proved that getting up early is always worth the photos.

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