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Climbing Ben Venue – the lesser known peak near Loch Katrine

In the last few years Calum and I have completely fallen in love with climbing mountains and hills in Scotland. You probably have noticed it here anyway…I genuinely believe it is one of the most exhilarating feelings in the world, standing on top of the hill.

Ben Venue is perched right next to Loch Katrine and even it only being 725 metres high (which makes it almost a munro, almost…) the climb is great and views are truly breathtaking. It took us good 3 hours to get to the top. There are few ways to climb it and this website is always great for recommendations. We tend to screenshot our route, so we don’t have to rely on having internet while climbing. I would recommend wearing proper footwear though, the last half an hour are quite rocky and involve a bit of scramble. But the views are so worth it.

I have to confess the fact, that this climb was actually done pretty much a year ago to the day. But it stays one of the most amazing memories and I really wanted to share the photos.

‘It may be small in stature but it is a mountain of real character, the finest in the Trossachs when seen across Loch Venachar, Loch Achray or Loch Katrine. The ascent is a great walk with both boggy and rocky ground higher up, and stunning views from the summit.’ (source)

The first bit of the walk goes through beautiful forestry, slowly climbing through the trees. After an hour the path goes around the hill for a while and the final bit is a pretty steep climb. But as you can see you get rewarded with some incredible view of Lock Katrine.


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