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Exploring Loch Morar, Scottish Highlands

Loch Morar

In the beginning of November we had a mini getaway to Scottish highlands, during this trip we did a little walk near Loch Morar. The scenery was insane and I’ve ended up taking tons of photos (nothing new here) so I thought this place deserves a little blog post of it’s own.

The loch is 18km long and is the deepest freshwater lake in British Isles with the maximum depth of 310 m. But it is mainly famous for having an actual monster in it…apparently it is called Morag and people have divided opinions if it is a good one or causes something bad to happen if you meet her. Sadly we didn’t see any monsters while walking around but the loch is stunning and can totally imagine something odd roaming around it.

There is a little settlement on the Northern side of the Loch, called Bracorina where we left our car and walked along the shoreline. There are a few hikes that you can do there, we only did a little one this time but next time I would love to hike all way to Tarbet, which takes around 3 hours and then you can get a ferry from there.

While we were there, the weather was truly Scottish and we experienced glorious sunshine, torrential rain and hale within an hour. If you are in the area, Loch Morar is definitely a worthy stop.

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