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Marrakesh diaries – useful travel tips

There have been so many changes in my life in 2018, I’ve changed a few jobs and actually found myself being constantly creatively stimulated and challenged. Hence why I haven’t had much left for this cosy place.

Marrakesh – Too Many Plants Blog

And of course none of that stopped me from traveling. I have so many amazing adventures to report on but this time here are some photos from our very recent trip to Marrakesh. Remember how every January we tend to travel with my mum for a few days? Well this time it was Morocco’s turn. Of course I loved it! However it was so overwhelming that every night. As I have promised here are some of my tips for Marrakech:

Where to stay

Stay at a traditional Riad if you can, I chose Riad Shambala (geotagged) which I just found on I search for same things on websites like that and so far have never been disappointed. (Things like free WiFi and breakfast are the must for me.) This time I also searched for a roof terrace as I knew that lots of riads have them and they are stunning in Marrakesh.

I cannot recommend this place enough – they are so friendly, we booked all our tours and transfers through them and it made life so much easier and to have breakfast on the roof terrace is incredible

Also I dont really care for expensive or luxury hotels – atmosphere and surroundings are much more important to me.

What to eat (vegetarian)

I am a vegetarian (and I eat vegan probably 90%) so I was worried about food a bit as it is quite meat based. But everything was incredible! They don’t really use much dairy so all veggie options were vegan anyway. I had an amazing vegan tajines and falafel platters most of the time. Also their bread is incredible!

Marrakesh – Too Many Plants Blog

Marrakesh – Too Many Plants Blog

Getting to the hotel

Book a transfer from and to the airport if you can (cost us 30 euros both ways). I did it through our Riad and someone met us at the airport and dropped us off. Even though I travel around a lot, it would have been waaaay too overwhelming to use public transport in Marrakech

Things to do

We only had two full days in Marrakech so we decided to get a walking tour on the first day which took around 6 hours and the second day we actually spent on a day tour to the Atlas Mountains. And this trip deserves a post of its own so stay tuned.

Hopefully that was helpful to anyone who is planning a trip. If you have any questions, ask away!


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