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Road Trip in Devon & Cornwall. Part 3 – our last morning in Cornwall, Tate Museum and fair

Day 3 – Tate Ives & St Michael’s Mount

We had to drive back to London on this day but to extend our trip for a little bit more we decided do a few things in the morning before the big drive back home.

Tate St Ives

In the morning, we visited Tate ST Ives which is a brilliant museum. I always been a huge fan of art so visiting museums is something that we do pretty frequently anyway. Located right on the seafront with some incredible views, definitely one of those places i hope I will get a chance to return to one day. Somehow I never realised that St Ives, and Cornwall in general, have such a phenomenal art history, many great artist lived and still live here. Being such a charming part of the world, I can easily see why. The museum itself isn’t massive, only took us around an hour to visit all of the rooms. And of course, there is a great cafe at the very top with some brilliant views. We only had coffees so not sure what the food is like but cakes looked good.

After strolling around charming streets of St Ives for a bit longer and buying a few books from a lovely bookshop, where lady that worked there told me that she used to live a few streets away from where we currently live in London…small world. I am trying to do this thing, where I read books from places that I have visited. Such a great way of understanding and remembering the atmosphere better; that was my excuse to buy two books there. (Also you can follow me on Goodreads to see what i am currently reading.)

St Michael’s Mount

Our second and final stop was St Micheal’s Mount, one of those places that I have been seeing on pinterest for so long and it was hard to believe it actually exists in real life…Make sure to check their website for opening times and more importantly tide times. I wish i had a chance to see this place at sunrise or sunset but it is very impressive nevertheless. It is a very touristy so unless you are visiting during the week, prepare for crowds and many children.

And this actually concludes our trip to Devon & Cornwall. I know we only had 2.5 days but I do feel we made the absolute most of them. Have you been to Cornwall?

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