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West Highland Way (in 6 days) – Day 1. Milngavie to Drymen 12miles/20km

Our very first day of walking the West Highland Way we have started at 8.30am on a Sunday at the end of April. The first day was actually a really nice and relatively easy walk. For the first hour we walked through Mugdock Country Park and it was very serene, especially walking though woodland covered in bluebells. The second hour took us past Dumgoyne and it is the most picturesque part of the day – we got incredibly lucky and it didn’t rain at all that day, so the views were incredible.

Later we walked pass the Glengoyne Distillery which is a very popular destination but decided against popping in, we weren’t tired yet plus we visited it last year already. But many walkers did a bit of a detour to visit the distillery.

The third hour took us through farmlands and small forests. We actually ended up having our lunch just on the side of the road about three hours in, which meant we only had one more hour to go that day after eating sandwiches and drinking coffee.

The last hour took us through very beautiful countryside, past the fields. We also made a few friends on the way which was lovely – to have a friendly chat while walking.

And by half past one we were in Drymen. We had a cup of tea and shared a can of irn bru in a lovely cafe called Skoosh before checking in into our hotel for the night.

After a few pints in local pubs, great Mac and cheese and an obligatory whisky we were in bed by, embarrassingly, 7pm.

Feet were definitely a bit tender after 21km but no blisters yet and legs were not sore at all. So we settled for the night watching tv and reading books, excited to see what the next day would bring!


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