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West Highland Way (in 6 days) – Day 3. Rowardennan to Crianlarich 20.5miles/34km

The day 3, oh the day 3. It was so hard. I think it was the hardest day for me. We started off the day at Rowardennan hotel, after having a hearty breakfast we were out of the door by 8am. A few other people were leaving at that time (we actually ended up chatting to lots of them later on and made friends).

The first stretch takes you past some lovely forests, there is a division in the path and there are two options – lower path goes past the loch and is much harder; or there is a higher one, goes through forest and is a bit less dramatic but easier. We obviously chose the later one and didn’t regret it once. The woodland area is actually lovely and when Loch Lomond pops up between the trees – it is stunning.

So we made our way to Inversnaid in about 2 and a bit hours which meant a third of the day was done. We actually been to Inversnaid last October so didn’t spent too much time looking around but there are beautiful waterfalls there – definitely worth having a look around.

After some tea and a bit of sitting down, we were heading to our next stretch, another 10km along side of Loch Lomond…Everyone warns about this bit – it is so hard. The path almost disappears at times hiding behind giant boulders and big drops. The path is beautiful and actually quite fun but so strenuous. It would have been pretty exciting if it lasted 30min and not 3 hours. So we took our time getting through it and chatted to a few people in the way. By the time we were done, both were really hungry and knackered. We had our packed lunch sitting on a grass under the tree. Also I caught a tick but I managed to pull him out before he was fully in.

By the time we reached Inverarnan, lots of people were staying in Beinglas campsite – we were so jealous leaving them all behind as we had another 10km ahead of us…We had more tea and rested for a bit before taking on the last stretch. It is a very beautiful walk and relatively easy one. The first hour and a bit we were almost enjoying it, the last half an hour was torture. Funny how your brain works and just gives up when you know you are so close. We wobbled into Crainlarich around 7pm, had a few beers and dinner (more Mac and cheese) and were in bed by 10pm. Excited about the fact that we only had 20km to go the next day.

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Harley Moskie
Harley Moskie
16. März 2022

I have been following your journey along the West Highland Way for the past 3 days. I really like the way you present it, I learn a lot from your adventures. But one thing is missing - a video. It seems to me that it would be cool if, in addition to photos, videos would also be posted, and if you read this article, then you can add cool effects to your videos, for example, some transitions between frames would work out great. I hope you listen to my opinion and in travel blogs you will use not only photos, but also videos!

Gefällt mir
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