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West Highland Way (in 6 days) – Day 4. Crianlarich to Bridge of Orchy 22km/13miles

When we got to our little cabin the night before, I genuinely thought I’ll never be able to walk again. But the next morning, we had breakfast, wrapped our feet in plasters, put the boots on and off we went. It took us about half an hour to get back to the Way from our lodge in Crainlarich and we met a lovely dog Lui on the hill, after a little chat with his owner, we carried on. That really cheered both of us up! Lui’s owner did the way a few times so could understand how we felt half way through. Quite fascinating how little human encounters like that make so much difference.

Our half way point for the day was Tyndrum and it took us two and a bit hours to get there. The first half went through stunning woodland and it was down the hill. The second half went through farmlands and a small new forest, which we found pretty tough. For some reason we didn’t make any stops during the walk that morning and by the time we got to Tyndrum, we were fully done in. Nothing that a giant lunch can’t fix The Real Food Cafe – vegan haggis was great! We had about an hours rest before setting off again.

The second half of the day went through stunning valley and around mountains – very picturesque. Plus we made a decision to stop every half an hour for a little tea break. Which meant we made it to the Bridge of Orchy by about 5pm. We stayed in an amazing BnB, actually managed to get that place by absolute luck as they had a cancellation. Not a lot of people manage to find a place to stay in Bridge of Orchy, so they either camp or get a bus to nearby villages and come back the next day.

After a quick wash and we went across the street for a dinner in a lovely Bridge of Orchy Hotel, where we actually met lots of people we already knew. And ended up having dinner with Mike who also lives in North London. The next day was another beast of the day, so after delicious food and two pints it was bed time.

West highland way, Tyndrum and Bridge of Orchy, May 2019


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